We are professional, full-time prosecutors. We provide prosecution services for eight cities with a combined population of approximately 340,000 residents.  Campbell Knutson’s focus on municipal clients has enabled the firm to develop partnerships with local law enforcement agencies to protect public safety. Our prosecutors support and help train officers to deal with the emerging challenges of contemporary law enforcement. We have harnessed the latest technology which allows us to provide efficient, cost-effective, and valuable legal services to our city clients. In addition to experience and efficiency, our prosecutors ground their work on an uncompromising devotion to justice, a respect for police officers and citizens, and a commitment to the safety of the community. With over 100 years of combined criminal law experience, we are the most experienced private firm in the state providing prosecution services.

Our Criminal Prosecution Capabilities and Areas of Practice

Campbell Knutson provides an experienced appellate practice team. We have argued and won many cases before the Minnesota Court of Appeals and Minnesota Supreme Court.

Two of our attorneys have received the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Outstanding Prosecutor Award for the Metro Area. We treat Driving While Intoxicated offenses seriously, ensuring that offenders are prosecuted to protect public safety.

Because our clients are home to large, regional shopping centers, we handle an extremely high volume of misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor theft offenses. Our attorneys stress offender accountability in their prosecution of these offenses.

Campbell Knutson deals innovatively with repeat driver’s license offenses, such as Driving After Revocation, Driving After Suspension, and Driving After Cancellation. Several of our cities are currently in the Driving Diversion Program (DDP), which helps offenders get their driver’s licenses reinstated so that they can work and be productive members of the community.

Our firm handles vehicle forfeitures arising from DWIs, drug crimes, and other designated offenses for all of our prosecution clients. We have also been retained by the Minnesota State Patrol to handle forfeitures which are declined by other city attorneys.

Our approach to plea bargaining centers on our clients, justice, and the victims of crime. We recognize that the inner workings of the justice system have tangible effects on the lives of victims. We work closely with all crime victims throughout the court process, contacting them directly, engaging victim advocates for additional assistance when appropriate, and seeking victim input to assist us in determining the proper outcome of the case.

We are available to our officers 24/7. We train new officers on today’s greatest challenges and participate in ride-alongs and weekly briefings.

Campbell Knutson assists its clients in achieving compliance with city codes through criminal code enforcement. Our approach emphasizes communication with City staff and the development and implementation of a well-planned enforcement strategy to eliminate neighborhood eyesores and create safe housing options.

We routinely assist our clients in drafting and implementing criminal ordinances to meet community values.

Our Attorneys Who Practice In This Area