Campbell Knutson, P.A. is pleased to announce that Jared Shepherd has been elected to the position of Partner. Since joining the firm, Jared has been responsible for expanding our civil litigation practice, including growing the firm’s special counsel litigation practice and defense counsel relationship with the League of Minnestoa Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT).

Jared currently serves as the lead city attorney in Elk River, Shorewood, Dundas, Loretto, and Watertown. Jared is also stepping into a primary role with the firm’s long-standing client, the City of Burnsville.

Jared currently serves as President of the Minnesota Association of City Attorneys (MACA). He also has a significant case pro bono immigration practice through the Advocates for Human Rights, and is a co-founder of the Just Deeds Project.

Since joining the firm, Jared has enhanced the firm’s ability to provide excellent services to existing clients, foster relations with new clients, and advance the firm’s growing commitment to community.